Julie Pittsinger

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Julie came to the United States as an athlete and later met husband Bret while living in Portland, Oregon. The original vineyard was purchased eight years ago, at the same time Julie went back to school in viticulture at Washington State University. Responsible for overseeing the vineyards, tasting room, and raising their two children with husband, Bret, Julie still enjoys going for a swim, bike or run whenever she can!

Bret Pittsinger
Owner, CFO

Bret Pittsinger is a Wenatchee native. Bret graduated from the University of Washington in 1986 and received his MBA from the University of Oregon in 1989. Returning to Wenatchee in 1992, Bret is currently the president and co-owner of the family business, Van Doren Sales. In 2016, Bret’s long-time vision of creating a cider company was realized when Bad Granny Hard Cider was formed. A sister company to Karma, Granny took on a life of her own and you can now find her in major retailers throughout the northwest. Bret also sits on the ChelanMan Multi-sport board and has coached high school track athletes for many years.

Craig Mitrakul
2011 – Present
Wine Maker

Craig has a master’s degree in food science from Cornell University, and a bachelor’s degree from Rutger’s University. He has over 20 years of winemaking experience from several wine regions including the Hunter Valley in Australia, Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and the Finger Lakes of NY state. Washington’s unique growing conditions and consistent grape quality attracted him to the state where he’s worked with various sized wineries including Chateau Ste. Michelle, Three Rivers Winery, and Ryan Patrick Vineyards. In 2011, Craig joined Karma Vineyards and has become passionate for the intricacies and nuance of Method Champenoise sparkling wine production. Don’t let Craig’s youthful appearance and understated demeanor fool you… he’s a rockstar winemaker!

Jeannie Kapple
May 2008-present
General Manager

Jeannie was introduced to Karma Vineyards during her years as an elementary school teacher. Needing to pay a very steep veterinarian bill, she took a summer job here as a server. Being a lifelong student and teacher, Jeannie first came on full-time, focusing on mostly HR duties. Very quickly it was clear that Jeannie had the temperament and work ethic to help lead our crew. With talents ranging from singing, dancing, and whiskey afficionadoing(is that a word?)– relationships and organization have proven to be her strong-suit. With a discerning intuition, you can always be rest-assured that Jeannie will give you her ear, and heart, when in need.

Sam Keirsey
March 2014-Present
Cider-maker, Asst. Winemaker

Sam arrived at Karma looking for a company that he could be a part of– not just work for. Sam is a WSU graduate of enology (the study of wines) and, given the chance is possibly the best communicator of everything wine and cider. Sam can take a very technical term or concept and share it in a manner that makes sense and is memorable. Along with his sidekick, Lady(dog), Sam has become like family to us all. Launching Bad Granny Hard Cider 21/2 years ago, Sam is becoming a master cider-maker with a passion for the unusual. Sam loves food, wine, and cider– don’t be surprised to see him in many of the nearby restaurants and pubs enjoying all three!

Ron Miller
June 2007 – Present
Tasting Room Manager, Keeper of the Koi, Hyster Master, Photographer

The first employee hired here at Karma, if connection and a good story is what you want to share or hear, Ron is your guy. The funny thing is, he’ll remember you 10 years later! Ron is responsible for inventory management and interface with winemakers. Additionally, Ron works on strategic planning for events of all sizes. Ron came to us from Portland, Oregon as a professional videographer/photographer, as you will see on the walls of the tasting room… your photo might be the next!

Alisa Miller
February 2015-Present
Wine club manager, Server

Alisa joined us from Chicago bringing years of experience in the hospitality field. Her understated demeanor and incredible work ethic opened the door recently for Alisa to take the helm of our large wine club membership. Secretly, Alisa wants to be a movie star… check out some of her posts on various social media sites!

Theodoro Nunez
Vineyard manager

Theodoro has been with Karma for eight years and brings a wealth of experience in keeping our vineyards incredibly prosperous, healthy, and beautiful.

Alicia Alvarez
March 2009-present
Executive chef

The humble beginnings of Alicia began with doing janitorial work here at Karma. As we added the restaurant, Alicia became our first sous chef in 2011. Working under our former executive chef for six years, she learned the inner workings of our 18 Brix Restaurant and the production expertise to cook for 3-400 customers a day, followed by a wedding. Courage and respect sum up this one of a kind person, friend, and co-worker. Alicia prefers a direct approach when communicating; even in stressful circumstances, rarely do we see her without a smile. Reading her Spanglish food orders is a highlight for all… and for that, we can agree, a sense of humor is a must here at Karma!