First Viticulture Education Program for High School Students in the State of Washington

Facilitating Change & Inspiring Youth in the Chelan Valley and Washington State

Beginning with their own children, Bret and Julie volunteered at many Chelan High School and local events . Their belief is through cultivating the youth in their community through volunteerism, giving back would become a part of their vernacular in turn. In 2017, Karma Vineyards, in collaboration with Chelan High School, featured the first ever viticulture program in Washington state. Zero hour classes in the vineyard, winery, and restaurant became the framework curriculum for current viticulture classes throughout the state. Check out the video below!

First Viticulture Education Program for High School Students in the State of Washington

Proud Supporters of the Arts in the Chelan Valley

Karma Vineyards is a strong supporter of arts and the youth in the Lake Chelan Valley. One dollar from every wine flight sold at Karma is donated towards arts, drama, and healthy children’s programs here in the Lake Chelan Valley. Additionally, owner Julie Pittsinger is the Race Director for the ChelanMan Multi-sport weekend. This purely volunteer effort draws over 2,500 athletes and families to the Lake Chelan Valley every 3rd week in July. Proceeds from the ChelanMan are donated back into the community as well.

Check out the ChelanMan website

Donation Requests

Giving back to our community is a big part of Karma Vineyards. For donations requests, we ask for at least 30 days notice. We like to donate to programs that benefit the youth, arts, and education. Organizations that our wine club members are involved with are always of interest, too. Our standard donation is our Auction Certificate.

8 Karma wine flights, a tour of the Karma cave, 1 large appetizer platter and use of the Karma Private Cave Dining Room for up to two hours.
Reservations are required. Valid October through April only.
Redemption value not to exceed $350.

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